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About Me

I am kieran a 21 year old bachlor applied computer science student majoring in application development.

I have had a passion for cooking and programming since I was a kid.
I graduated in 2021 in graduate programming but then decided to continue my studies in a bachlor program.
i also won an award for exceptional student 2021.

More Info

Things i do

Listed below are a few areas in IT in which I have already had some experience, but I am open to other areas.

Web Development

For a little over 3 years I have been creating complete website solutions both small and large.
Both front and back-end have no secrets for me

Mobile Development

A passion of mine is making mobile apps because in today's times everything has to be compact
I use Xamarim for making android, Ios and windows apps.

Bot Development

Making Node.JS chat bots that are integrated with websites or apps to automate chats like discord is also one of my interests.

Server Hosting

Everything Must be stored somewhere online therefore I run my own vps with ubuntu 20 and windows server